About Us

Owners: Tony, Terry & Dean

Serpentine Cedar Ltd is a family owned and operated cedar shake mill that has been in operation for more than 30 years, spanning 3 generations. Over that time we have strived to maintain the highest quality of cedar shakes.

We retrieve the raw material, produce the product, apply it to your home or business, and export world wide. From beginning to end, we are involved in the manufacturing, application, and distribution of the cedar shakes.

Serpentine Cedar uses only recovered old growth Western Red Cedar salvaged from windfalls on British Columbia's coast. We don't cut down any trees to produce our product. We are environmentally friendly from start to finish.

Our Barge

We use state of the art computerized machinery to produce the smoothest tapersawn shake available in custom thicknesses.This bandsaw eliminates the circular grooves on the shake, making it highly resistant to curling so it lays down smoother than any other product available on the market today.

We also manufacture a traditional product by using the age old method of handsplitting. We have an expert with 50 years experience in producing this type of shake. We also have an experienced roofing crew to apply our cedar shakes for you. They can put on a new roof, replace or repair your existing roof, install new ridgecaps or gable ends, or put on that new sidewall you've been wanting. No job is too big or too small for our expert crew!

Karl, Hand Splitting